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What can I do for you?

With over 20 years experience, I am available to help you with Marketing Strategy and Marketing Communication needs for your business. My services include content marketing for your business, planning and recommending online strategies (web/blog/social networks), branding, digital marketing, case studies, whitepapers, marketing research (SEO, surveys, statistical analysis, A/B testing), and usability related to Internet Marketing.   My objective is to help you achieve your Digital Marketing goals by using relevant Content Marketing and Communication tools.
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Communication is the art of being understood. Peter Ustinov

Marketing Communication is the art of being noticeable and persuasive while communicating with clarity. Prof. Sunil Hazari

The goal of your Digital Marketing Plan should be to influence purchase behavior by creating awareness and providing knowledge about your products and services. When using relevant content across multiple platforms this will result in sales and can turn buyers into repeat customers. I can work with you in any of the following categories:

Marketing Strategy

Documents related to Marketing Strategy include the identification of target market(s) (based upon demographics and/or psychographics), brand positioning (relative to competitors), product-line description, distribution channels, and promotional activities, which might include advertising, personal selling, public relations, promotions, and/or social media networks.

Marketing Research

Documents related to surveys, focus groups, A/B Testing results, user generated content analysis, and statistical analysis of data collected to determine feasibility of projects/products/services. Results can influence Marketing strategy. Tip: Uses Quizzes for visitor interaction on your websites/blogs.

Content Marketing

Relates to posting content on various social networks targeting specific audience with predefined objectives. Content Marketing documents can create a buzz around your product/service, tell a story, generate leads, and increase web traffic. Examples of content marketing include infographics, memes, ebooks, podcasts, interactive ROI calculators, customer profiles.
What is your Marketing Strategy to tap into the following social media user base?
  • Facebook (1.4 billion) 49%
  • LinkedIn (347 million) 12%
  • Google+ (300 million) 10%
  • Instagram (300 million) 10%
  • Twitter (288 million) 9.5%
  • Tumblr (230 million) 8%

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